Christensen Letter 2014 (the expanded version)

christensen2014_tn Howdy and welcome to the Christensen’s 2014 holiday letter and family update.  We’ve had a great year, highlighted with the birth of Claire and the growing up of her three siblings.  If you simply want to read the letter than just click on the image to the right.  If you want to hear from each of the kids individually checkout the YouTube videos embedded below or visit our channel. If you want to see Natalie’s art or house projects click on those links, and if you want to read an article from BYU Insider or the Journal on Best Teaching Practices then click there.

If you want to be super cool and come visit us sometime, click on this link to learn about all the cool things to do in River Falls, WI and the MN Twin Cities area.  Happy Holidays from the Christensens, we think you’re swell.