I like Father’s Day

Some holiday/remembrance days get a bad rap.  I know many women dislike Mother’s day and/or Valentines Day because it reminds them of things they don’t have.  Memorial Day is definitely under-celebrated by the general public and cool holidays like Groundhogs Day and St. Patrick’s Day also go under-utilized by many.  I think for many Father’s day is completely forgotten or simply a footnote.  Not in the TyandNat household.

Now I’ll admit, I’m really bad about doing nice things to honor my own Father who is an incredible man.  I usually write him a short note or call on the phone but that’s about it.  With this post I’m pledging to do better in the future.  Dad–you are awesome.  So much of who I am is thanks to you.  Thank you for being humble, for having an incredible work ethic, and for giving 100% of yourself to us (your family) and the Lord.  I hope that one day I can be half the man you are.

So back to the matter at hand… why do I love Father’s day?  Mostly because I have an amazing wife, and partly because being a “TyandNat” means that you find and participate in really cool traditions for all sorts of things.  We engage in the normal Father’s Day traditions–we spend the day together as a family, I eat good meat, I don’t have to do anything (no cooking, cleaning, diaper changing, etc.) if I don’t want to, and usually there is a present or two thrown in for good measure.  But in addition to all that Natalie started two rockin’ traditions that she still pulls off every year: the Father’s Day t-shirts, and the Father’s Day letter poses.

The Father’s day t-shirts.  I don’t know where Natalie got the idea for this (she’s been doing it since before Pinterest), but it is awesome.  Each year she creates t-shirts for the kids that have some sort of message about how cool their dad is.  I love these because they are clever, cute, and worn year round.  They are a continual reminder of how cool my kids are and how sweet my wife is.  Here is a compilation of all the t-shirts from over the last five years…

[Put pictures here].

The Father’s Day letter poses.  The other cool tradition (against I don’t know the inpetus for this) is to have the kids go to places that have some significance to me and take pictures posing with the letters “D-A-D”.  I have a frame up in my office that holds these pictures and occasionally I pull out prior years to see how the kids have aged.  I’ll post the compilations below so you can see how the kids (and locations) have changes over the last few years.


So father’s day is awesome because I have such a great wife.  I love you Natalie, thank you for being so creative and sweet.  And thanks for the orange chicken last night, it was amazing.