Claire Mae Christensen

2014-03-08 Claire 27Meeting ClaireWe’re please to welcome Claire Mae Christensen to our family.  She was born at 2:17 p.m. on Friday, March 7, 2014 in the River Falls, WI hospital.  She is 20 1/2″ tall and weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs. 5 oz.  While she did come five days past her due date the labor and delivery went very smoothly and both Claire and her mom and doing well.  Her siblings are excited to get to know her and have been busy getting the house ready for their return from the hospital.

A little bit about Claire…  We named her after her great-great grandmother Lattie Mae Moose (more about that in the last post). Actually, we came up with Claire because 1) we thought it was a beautiful name, 2) it rhymes with “Share” (Sharon’s nickname), 3) Claire-bear–like Share-bear–is an awesome nickname, and 4) the kids like it.  The middle name “Mae” came from Lattie Mae, who was a remarkable woman.  We learned quite a bit about her when we visited extended family in Columbus, Georgia a few years ago as part of a family vacation.  Her daughter, Doris Booth (my middle name namesake) just recently passed away.  Both women were incredible and the name seems to fit.  Obviously we don’t know too much about our Claire yet.  She seems pretty good-natured, but has cried more than our other children, perhaps because the delivery was so quick (three minutes of pushing… her face was pretty swollen as a result).

Other things about our new baby weekend…  On Friday we saw the kids off to school and a friend cameFamily 2 over to watch Spencer while we went to the hospital to have Claire.  By late afternoon I was in a position to go pick up the kids to meet their sister (see picture on right).  They were thrilled we went with the name Claire and excited to meet her.  We also have the tradition that the new baby comes bearing gifts, so they were also excited to open up their “birthday presents.”  After an hour or so we packed up and I went home with the kids.  I was a little sad to do this as we have no extended family nearby and there was no one to stay with Natalie.  Fortunately, Nat has got this baby making thing down pretty well by now and enjoyed having the evening to bond with Claire and to get a little rest.

On Saturday we (the kids and I) went shopping for groceries and treats.  When we arrived at the hospital Sharon–true to form–handed out Swedish fish to all the nurses that we passed (as well as a few hugs).  She also gave a sticker to one of the security guards and when we saw him again later that evening he remembered Sharon and mentioned to her that he had been thinking all day about his sticker and where he might put it.  Sharon is so good to think of others.  Her greatest contribution of the weekend was being the chief architect on the “welcome home” sign (see below).  She spent hours working on it and included several small pictures and short messages within the larger picture framework.

2014-03-08 Claire 12After we attended church this morning (Sunday) we picked the girls up and brought them home.  Claire has been a joy, with almost no crying today.  She has slept most the time, but when she isn’t sleeping she’s looking around trying to soak everything in.  We are so thrilled to have her in our home and look forward to getting to know her better.


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