A good day

It’s been a long cold winter in our new life here in Wisconsin.  We’ve had a lot happen in the last six months and it hasn’t all been peaches and cream.  Indeed, I’ve been due a good day… and I got it yesterday.

I woke up early and went on a five mile jog.  It was nicer running conditions than we’ve had for a while–mid-twenties and nothing falling (we did get two fresh inches of powder the day before).  I ran over to the new house we will close on in two weeks and thought about all our plans to finish the basement, landscape the yard, and enjoy the wonderfulness of living in our first-ever real house.  While I ran I listened to the newest John Grisham (The Racketeer) which isn’t amazing (i.e. The Firm) but isn’t half bad either.  It was a great little jog.

When I got home Natalie headed out to the gym which gave me plenty of time to cool down, pick up around the house, and hang out with the kids while they watched their favorite t.v. show of all time–Wild Kratts, a PBS cartoon about two adventures who learn about cool animals (definitely worth seeing if you haven’t already).  I got the kids ready so that when Natalie got home we’d be ready to head out the door.

We went over to the kids soon-to-be new Elementary school (Greenwood), which was holding its annual Spring carnival.  We went from room to room playing games, winning tokens, and enjoying being together as a family.  We also bid on and won a few items in the silent auction (a one month gym membership (Natalie is trying out all the different gyms in town), and a home furnishings gift card.





After the carnival we drove home and I dropped off Natalie and Spencer (so he could take a nap) and took the two older kids to an UWRF women’s hockey playoff game.  On the way in–rushing so we wouldn’t be late–Sharon took a spill in the parking lot and scraped her knee.  It threw off her groove so at the end of the first period (and with us leading 2-1) I rushed her home.  Fortunately we only live a few blocks from the arena so Eli and I were able to get back before the second period even started.  And that’s when the fun really started… I had been talking the game up for a few days and Eli knew I was very excited to be there with him “on a date.”  Rather than being bored and wanting to go home (like has been the case every other time I’ve taken one of the kids to a sporting event) Eli was interested and got into the cheering with me… which was especially fun since hardly anyone else from UWRF was really cheering.  Eli started a few “Let’s go, Falcons!” (clap, clap, clap clap clap) that others joined in on, which reminded me of my younger years when I was the annoying kid starting all those cheers (Note: Eli wasn’t annoying, it was very cute to have a seven-year-old get the crowd going).  We split an ice cream sandwich and then Eli discovered something that really got me laughing… any time the announcer would play popular music that Eli recognized he would hop down from the benches and rush to the front (the glass) and face me and the rest of the home crowd.  He would then do a crazy little dance where he simply turned his hands and feet to the beat of the music.  I’m kicking myself that I didn’t film it… especially since I was trying out my brand spanking new Canon Rebel t4i camera that I just got for my classroom from a classroom improvement grant.  Anyhow, Eli’s dance was great, it cracked me up every time and the rest of the crowd really enjoyed it as well.  Eli later told me that he was quite embarrassed about doing it but when he saw how much I was enjoying it he decided to keep it up.  We had a ball, I about lost my voice, and the girls won 5-2 advancing to the next round.


We came home and hung out with some friends and watched the movie UP and then put the kids to bed.  Natalie watched a health documentary and had a great discussion on healthy habits.  And thus ended a very good day.


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